Saturday, February 04, 2006

Van Jung naar Nietzsche.

"Let us return to the point from which we have strayed: combining the 'ego' and the persona. There lies the gate through which one can enter and leave Ultima Thule. I have called it Individuation. Combining the 'ego' with the Self. Changing the accent of individuality, moving it from the rational consciousness closer to the Ocean of the Unconscious, without ceasing to be conscious but with a different type of consciousness, bringing light as far as possible into the darkness, moving from the Yellow Sun of rational consciousness to the Black Sun of Individuation. And the centre that appears there, which is created, invented, to which the accent of individuality has now moved, is the Self, a circle whose circumference is everywhere and whose centre is nowhere. And which emits a Ray of Green Light. The light of Gnosis. Meister Eckhart's 'tiny spark' which navigates in a ghost ship on and beneath the surface of the Sea of the Unconscious, with all its lights on. The fulfilment of the totality of a being, the unus mundus. This is Individuation. Giving a face to the Self, to the 'Guardian Angel', the Monad, making the Creator conscious. ...And do you know where I found the concept of the Self I used in order to allude to this mystery? In the greatest psychologist of all time: in Nietzsche, your "Wounded King", who was the first to discover it, using the German word Selbst."
[Jung, in Miguel Serrano, Another Turn of the Wheel.]

Er is geen twijfel over mogelijk waar Jung zijn begrip van het Zelf vandaan had: uit Also sprach Zarathustra...

"Achter uw gevoelens en gedachten, mijn broeder, staat een machtige gebieder, een onbekende wijze - die heet Zelf. In uw lijf woont hij, uw lijf is hij."
[Aldus sprak Zarathoestra, Van de lijfsverachters.]


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