Saturday, September 16, 2006

"A woman is nothing outside a group. Her entire self-worth and value is derived through her participation and her position within a group; her entire self-worth is derived by how desirable and appealing she becomes to the opposite sex and, as a consequence, in how she becomes a willing and capable social and cultural tool. She finds purpose in how effectively she can be used as an instrument and a means to an end.

"As such her power is achieved in how well she understands, manipulates, is assimilated, conforms and reflects the morals, values and virtues of the group she participates in and in how close to a physical aesthetic ideal she reaches that exposes her fertility and genetic history.

"A woman, in essence, has no real individuality but plays any part she deems is attractive and necessary to achieve her goal of belonging and reproducing."
[Constantinos Apostolakos, The Feminization of Man.]


Blogger Sauwelios said...

"A woman is nothing outside a group."

Dit is zo'n beetje het eerste wat ik me besefte toen ik serieuze interesse in vrouwen begon te krijgen. Het was ook mijn voornaamste probleem:

"If you wanna be my lover,
You gotta be with my friends"
[The Spice Girls, Wannabe.]

But I don't wanna be with your friends! I wanna be with you...

Dat is een stommiteit. Want er is, zoals Constantinos zo goed zegt, geen "you" buiten haar groep.

"Metamorphosis. An object is cut off from its name, habits, associations. Detached, it becomes only the thing, in and of itself. When this disintegration into pure existence is at last achieved, the object is free to become endlessly anything."
[Jim Morrison, The Lords.]

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