Monday, June 19, 2006


Wellicht mijn gelukkigste ontdekking van een filosoof, afgezien dan van die van Nietzsche, is die van Ludwig Feuerbach. Ik vond hem toen ik op internet zocht naar "absolute solitude" (of was het "absolutely alone"?):

"God as God, as a simple being is the being absolutely alone, solitary – absolute solitude and self-sufficingness; for that only can be solitary which is self-sufficing. To be able to be solitary is a sign of character and thinking power. Solitude is the want of the thinker, society the want of the heart. We can think alone, but we can love only with another. In love we are dependent, for it is the need of another being; we are independent only in the solitary act of thought. Solitude is self-sufficingness.

"But from a solitary God the essential need of duality, of love, of community, of the real, completed self-consciousness, of the alter ego, is excluded. This want is therefore satisfied by religion thus: in the still solitude of the Divine Being is placed another, a second, different from God as to personality, but identical with him in essence, – God the Son, in distinction from God the Father. God the Father is I, God the Son Thou. The I is understanding, the Thou love. But love with understanding and understanding with love is mind, and mind is the totality of man as such – the total man."
[The Essence of Christianity, hoofdstuk VI.]


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