Friday, March 30, 2007

You confuse being empathetic toward one's own people with being empathetic towards all human beings. And empathy toward one's kin is just an indirect form of selfishness (compare the mother's love and even sacrifice for her own children). Moreover, a society is not formed by empathy, but by the will to power. On the lowest stage, one just wants to be free, a freedman, no longer a slave. On the middle stage, one wants to have equal rights, "justice", equal power to those who rule. And only on the highest stage - and note that we all have political freedom and equal rights - only on the highest stage, among the strongest, richest, most courageous, most independent, does "love of mankind", of "the people", arise. And this is the will to power once again: the will to give direction to a large body of power, to force one's ideal upon the world. This is not the pity of the weak, who get dragged down by woozy feelings; it is the passion of the strong - such men might sacrifice large numbers of people to see their ideal through.


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