Thursday, May 25, 2006


"On Buckley's self-titled 1966 debut, and on his 1967 follow-up Goodbye and Hello, [Larry] Beckett cowrote about half the tunes (the others were penned solely by Buckley). In general, the Beckett-Buckley compositions were distinguished from those Buckley wrote alone by the literary, metaphysical tone of Beckett's lyrics, which had little counterpart in rock or folk-rock in 1966 and 1967. In the hands of a less gifted melody writer and vocalist than Buckley, they may have been too ambitious to get pulled off, but they fit Buckley's own searching, yearning persona well."

"He was the opposite of me, so it was very strange that we became such good friends - we became best friends immediately upon meeting one another. I was very intellectual and disciplined and he was very loose and passionate. I think actually that was part of the secret, that obscurely we sensed we each had what the other person needed - the whole human being, the whole artist. If he would try to write a song it would just drift aimlessly. But if I had these overly-rigorous lyrics in place, then it would give a structure for him to work with. He would infuse my too-tight songwriting with his passion, and loosen it up. It was a kind of magical formula. And it worked in life and it worked in art. We sensed that, I don't think we really understood it at the time, though."
[Larry Beckett, over Tim Buckley.]


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